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Selected Oil & Gas Cases for Texas, 2015 ed. (Reed & Jones)
    First 75 pages

Oklahoma Family Law--Cases & Materials, 2018-2019 ed. (Robert G. Spector)
    Chapter 1
    Full Appendix

Texas Civil Procedure--Pretrial, 2018 ed. (Flint/Scott)
    Pages 1-28

Real Property Security (Mortgages), 2015 ed. (Woodward, Leopold, Flint)
     Pages 1-8
     Pages 8-18
     Pages 439-453

Texas Courts: A Survey, 2015-2016 ed. (Albright)
     Full Appendix

George on Texas Marital Property Rights, 2017-2018 ed. (George)
     Full Appendix

Texas Consumer Law--Cases & Materials, 2017-2018 ed. (Alderman)
     Full Appendix

Administration of Estates and Guardianships in Texas, 2015 ed. (Jenkins)
     Full Appendix


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